ASC是否定的。 1名纽约州立大学和没有。 9对所有北方地区院校

ASC是否定的。 1名纽约州立大学和没有。 9对所有北方地区院校

dafa888官方州立学院(ASC)仍然是未来的学生,包括没有的首选。 1 SUNY地区高校中的排名。

The 2021 US 新闻 & World Report Best Colleges list of northern regional colleges also shows ASC tied for No. 6 in the Top Public Schools. When compared to all public and private colleges in the 11-state northern region, dafa888官方 is tied for No. 9, up one spot from last year.

“We are delighted that we have not only been named to US 新闻 & World Report’s Best Colleges list once again, but that we continue to maintain or improve our excellent rankings every year,” said Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan. “This is a collective achievement involving the efforts of our students, faculty, and staff alike. I commend everyone involved in making dafa888官方 a top choice for prospective students every year.”



•    没有。 1名纽约州立大学北部地区高校之间。
•    没有。 1(并列)与高校招生2000 +,公共和私营部门。
•    没有。北部公立大学中最好的3值。
•    没有。 3所高校与外的状态下,学费$ 15,000,公共和私营部门。
•    没有。 3(并列)最适合北方的公立大学中的老兵院校。
•    没有。 3(并列)最适合北方公立和私立院校之间的老兵院校。
•    没有。 6(并列)最高的公立学校在北部地区。
•    没有。 6(并列)最高的社会流动北部的公立大学之一。
•    没有。北部公立和私立院校之间的7最好的价值。
•    没有。 9(并列)北部公立和私立院校中最好的。

US 新闻 & World Report’s Best Colleges list is one of the most sought-after rankings among colleges and universities across the nation. The rankings include data on 1,452 colleges with schools ranked in 17 areas related to academic excellence.

Big Blue and masked students giving a thumbs up
dafa888官方 has plenty to cheer about after learning of its rankings in the 2021 US 新闻 & World Report Best Colleges list.