pams staff

pams staff

catherine chamberscatherine chambers has 27 years of experience directing print, publishing, mailing and document management facilities in the educational sector.  she has a master’s degree in higher education administration from penn state, and is certified by nacas as a certified auxiliary services professional (casp). she is passionate about her work and loves meeting new people in the industry.

Photo of brent cobin

brent cobin is pams’ senior print technician. with 30+ years of print experience, brent has mastered skills in operating all equipment in the shop; from offset presses to high-end digital, as well as all types of bindery equipment. brent has worked for many local printers and is also active within the community serving as a volunteer fireman and assisting with the boy scouts of america.

Photo of becky comer

becky comer has been with alfred state for 27+ years, serving in various positions. she is relatively new to the print shop, coming to print and mail services in 2013. she has extensive knowledge of the print and mail industries, including file preparation, postal regulations, standard mail, and processes all transactional data for the campus. becky is recognized as the “voice” of pams and is the “go to” person for print and mail questions.

Photo of heather jackson

heather jackson coordinates the mail side of alfred state print and mail services. her knowledge of the ever changing u.s. postal service keep alfred states mailing costs as low as possible without sacrificing services. heather has been with the college for more than 13 years and is a favorite among our students.

Photo of peter vantyne

peter vantyne owned and operated a commercial print shop for 15 years. his knowledge is a welcomed asset to the shop. he serves as a print systems technician for alfred state. peter is active in the community by serving on several boards. he holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from alfred university.